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    Wine & Chocolate – a Perfect Match

    Wine and chocolate have many things in common: They are indulgent foods that are characterized by their fragrance, colour, taste. These very similarities make wine and chocolate a perfect match – that is, if you pay attention to a few basic rules.

Basic Rules for Wine & Chocolate Pairings

First rule: Quality! Both the chocolate and the wine should be of high standard in order for them to produce an excellent taste when paired together. Secondly, the type of wine and the type of chocolate should be compatible. If so, the taste of the two stimulants will even enhance each other’s and make for a heightened overall flavour. Let us give you some tips on how to create some of those brilliant combinations.

Combining Red Wine and Chocolate

When combining wine and chocolate, it is important to match the right varieties. For example, a dark chocolate goes best with a strong red wine. When choosing the wine, you should look for pleasant acids as well as tannins that are as unobtrusive as possible to achieve a harmonious balance of taste and aftertaste.

Common Red Wine and Chocolate Combinations:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and dark chocolate
  • Merlot and bitter chocolate
  • Pinot Noir and bitter chocolate

Combining White Wine and Chocolate

When pairing wine and chocolate, colour is a deciding factor. For example, a sweet white wine goes best with white chocolate. Milk chocolate also works with some white wines. Chocolates containing fruit pieces, nuts or sea salt should be paired with a wine with matching notes.

Common White Wine and Chocolate Combinations:

  • Riesling Auslese with milk chocolate containing 32-49% cocoa
  • Riesling Ice Wine with white chocolate
  • Sauvignon Blanc with dark chocolate

Sweet Fusion

Sweet chocolate goes best with a sweet wine. The wine should be sweeter than the chocolate chosen. A dessert wine, such as sherry, goes well with a piece of high-quality caramel chocolate after a delicious meal. Or try fine milk chocolate with port wine – you will be surprised.

When tasting wine and chocolate, first taste the wine only. Afterwards let the chocolate melt in your mouth, before adding a small sip of wine to get a nice, combined melt. The unity of flavours will work its magic. To round it off and intensify the taste you can take another sip of wine.

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