We promote sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Being a family-managed private company, we put the focus on people in our everyday work and decisions. We take responsibility for our staff and the society and world we live in. This conviction is an essential part of our corporate philosophy, and all our employees live by it.

While the international hotel sector is heavily dominated by the standardisation trend right now, we place great value on our individuality. We encourage all our staff to make sustainable decisions. We believe that this approach, appealing to the individuals in our company, is more important and effective than a centralised company sustainability policy.

In this way, we are always open for new opportunities: Together with the kate and TourCert, we participate in the CSR certification project for the hotel industry. We are happy to be one of the first hotels to be awarded the TourCert seal of approval. This certification is a reward for our efforts to date and encourages us to keep examining our daily activities with regard to sustainability and continuously keep getting better.

You can find our initial review and improvement programme in the attached sustainability reportPDF.