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    A unique experience



Whether business meeting, private trip or candlelight dinner, with a trip via Luxon by Geisel you get the best views. Luxon by Geisel takes you to any location with a train station in Europe on your dream day.

You have never been this close to the Bavarian Alps on rails. The 360º panoramic glass domed roof allows you and your guests to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape passing by.

Whether conference room, romantic togetherness, travel coupé or stylish restaurant, Luxon by Geisel adapts to your wishes. You also have a lounge in the back of the train, as well as a bar in the front for aperitif, a private conversation, or as a place of retreat available.

But what makes the most beautiful panorama an even bigger highlight? The culinary offer by Geisel. Depending on your preferences your private chef will be at your disposal at Geisel Privathotels.

For example, 2-Michelin-starred Tohru Nakamura can be booked exclusively for your event. Together with his crew of Werneckhof by Geisel he serves European dishes with Japanese accents.

Chef Thomas Kahl from the famous wine restaurantVinothek by Geisel is characterized by using regional and seasonal products and reflecting a range of European cuisine.

The Euro-Asian cuisine of chef Christof Lobnig from the Anna Restaurant & Bar by Geisel is a real pleasure. His urban dishes are often based on a sharing concept.

Birthday, marriage or …


A birthday, a marriage or whatever you are celebrating, the Luxon by Geisel is the perfect environment to experience that special party. A stride across the red carpet and you are inside your personal domecar.

Your guests can enjoy themselves with a perfect view of the sky, taking in the enchanting landscape while constantly being on the move. The setting is simply ideal for the host’s celebration.

All arrive at the pre-determined time, all stay on board as one group during the journey and then say good-bye as a group upon arrival at the destination.

Determine a set route, passing through places, which are special to you. Whether its where you met your spouse, your hometown or simply a stunning landscape surrounding your chosen destination in the mountains, by the sea … You can go anywhere, where rails will take us..

Exclusiv Location

MEETINGS & Conferences

You prefer an exclusive location to hold your conference? The Luxon by Geisel, with its conference setting is perfect to stimulate and promote discussions and ensure that you make progress comfortably. Time for a break?

In a matter of minutes we can switch the conferece setting into a restaurant! Profit from this break by taking time out to have individual discussions in disrecte surroundings.

You can plan the available time yourself, to meet your own needs.

Meetingraum in einem Zug von Geisel dem Luxon

Whether you’re holding a Board Meeting, a political debate or discussing team-building measures: Whatever your goal, the Luxon by Geisel offers you the appropriate and discrete setting for your internal purposes.

Elegant and rested

Travel experience with Luxon by Geisel

There are plenty of reasons to take a private trip with the Luxon by Geisel. To start with, the most important: You will probably never have reached your destination so relaxed, so impressed and in such style!

Your domecar brings you in an eco-friendly manner directly to the centre of the city of your destination – to the central station. Of course, the Luxon can also take you to the airport of your choice without the problem of traffic congestion. You can sit upright, in a leaning-back position and thanks to the built-in foot-rest have a restful sleep..

Each day you will enjoy the personal route you have chosen and finally arrive relaxed and full of extremely memorable impressions.


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